Wednesday, September 27, 2006

im trying real hard to let go . but u're restricting me from doing so. doesn't it eva get to u how hurting it is to cont dis path wif u wen it seems lyk dere's nthing much we can do anymore. smhow sayings n quotes are kinda true if u think abt it. for eg , if u're too close to ur stead, u tend to demand more, u get angry ova small things n strt to quarrel. dtas exactly how we r. don u c it ? wad do i hafta do to open ur eyes ? im a liar i noe. i deceive myself in saying dat i can let go of u, i wan to n all. but honestly, i don't. i can't live w/o u. my life will b a bore w/o u. i wldn'tnoe wadda do w/o u. n to think dat u'd b so dumb to actually believe dat i can live w/o u. i used to hate it or gte angry wen ppl sae dat i surely can't live w/o u. do u noe wad dat is lyk ? to b criticised by ur own frens ova ur own personal life. cos honestly, dat sucks. im trying real hard to get u off my mind. but everytime i do, u cm back haunting me. it's killing me in d inside . it's burning up all my sense of elation. i don't noe wadda do anymore. i've been hinting u abt our relationship going to zilch. but u nvr do tk it seriously do u? it's nt even normal fer one to love anotha in pain . many mnths has oready passed .. wad more do u wan . im not okay . im not .

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