Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i haven been on d comp lately. im busy .. busy slping. lols` i on't noe why i kip slping so early. n wen i say early .. it's really damn early. i lyk slp frm 4 plus till nxt morn where i wake up n go to skul. lols` so pig rite ? den wen i wanna do my hmwrk or study.. i can't. cos im slping. gta discipline myself man !! x) anywaes todae went jamming wit e1 frens n all. den went to bishan cos i hadda buy smthing. ended up watching a movie cos he felt weak n it was lyk 5.22pm den. so i bot 2 tickets n wtach " john tucker must die " . d movie strs at 5.20pm. so it was lyk a quick decision. so wen we're watching it'll kip him off his mind frm fd n by d tyme we finish watching it'll b 7 n he can eat. 7.02 d movie ended. d movie rocks. js dat d last prt was kinda awkard. watch it !! it rocks ! x)) anywaes.. dis thurs me n jac gonna breif d upper sec on deir grad nite. how'd i feel ? .. don ask. im scared. scared to death !! so so so so nervous lahs ! ahhs* x)) but happy. nervous. happy nervous. x)

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