Tuesday, September 12, 2006

urghs* smthing wrng wit msn. so irritating lahs. nvm. anyhoos, my oral is postponed to nxt mondae. lalala` happy sial. lols` den somore todae during training, coach lemme be a CATCHER !! ahhs* im so TOOTING HAPPY lahs. hahas. she wans me to train to bcum one. ah .. d moment of bliss has finally cm. my dream has been fulfilled. or rather, on it's way to bcming a perfection. x)) todae we plaed game. den coach ask me to b catcher. train me. den i wear all d guards n stuff. can't breathe lahs. den i was kinda blur lahs. so coach like " scolded " me. im new. so it does tk time :)) . i lyk stink now. hopefully i don get any pimples wearing d catcher's helmet.
HOPEFULLY ! :) yeahs. anywaes,i can't wait till dis cming fridae. cos it's E1's BIRTHDAE ! whheees. lols` i don even noe y im happy wen it's nt lyk my burfdae. but wadeva. cos im going out wit him. n i can wear mynew clothes ! we can go shopping ! wheesx . but sadly, shop fer HIS things. nt mine. it's his dae mahs. hees.

d BBQ fer e1 was successful. :) he had 2 daes. 1 dae fer his malay frens , d other dae fer d softballers. unfortunately i cldn't go on d 1st dae, so .. went on d 2nd dae wit d softballers ! but it was a pretty damn bad dae. it kept raining. i was drenched. n i was tooting cold lahs. but thank God e1 din fall sick :) . rain until so heavy somore. lucky i brot a new chng of clothes. i bathed afta d rain. but by d time i finished bathing almost everywan left. den left me nepalese n e1. den me n e1 went off first. he was really tired. cos he stayed ova nite on d 1st dae . really hope dis yr will b his best yr. a brand new yr :)

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