Tuesday, April 8, 2014

R's 25th.

Been a while since i last blogged. Been pretty busy & stuff tho. Anw, R's 25th was on 2nd April. Can't believe he is 25 alr! Turning 25, to me, is a pretty huge thing! It marks the quarter of a century. Also, it means u are officially an adult. I on one hand, do not look forward to tt day. I dread tt day. I wanna stay 22 forever!

I planned his bday for a year. Yes, i am tt kiasu. Hahaha. I just wrote down what to do on his bday, location, food & etc. But when it came down to executing his bday party plans, everything i hope wld happen changed. Everything i planned for changed. I cut down the amt of ppl i invited to his bday. I changed the location from a hotel to.. Well, some place quiet ard my estate. Food & drinks were changed to me cooking instead of hiring a caterer. Decors were eliminated too.

Why did i downscale his bday party? Because i learnt from the past 4 years, tt R does not appreciate such extravagant parties. Even if u tell him how much effort was put into it(i don't do tt btw), he still won't care. He doesn't like such huge parties/events. In fact, he abhors attending one. Esp if he is gna be the centre of attention. Every year, he tells me the same thing - "Don't buy me any presents don't plan anything for my bday. Don't waste your money." But every time he says tt, i turn a deaf ear on his words. I never listened. Cause to me, bdays are impt & i didn't want him to receive any less. Even if he didn't want a celebration.. I still went ahead to plan one for him. But 2 weeks before his 25th, i really thought long & hard abt whether or not to throw a big scale party for him & invite all his friends where he can enjoy himself & his friends can take a break from work too. Then i told myself, "No. This year, i'm gna listen to him. Maybe not entirely but i will just throw a small celebration for him & a few of his closest friends." & So i did.

& On his actual bday, i planned a really simple & relaxing day for us both. & For the first time in 4 years, he said "This is the best bday i've had. I like these kind of bday celebrations. Simple & relaxing." Of course it took me lots of courage to plan a downscale bday party cause i'm all abt big big parties! Hahaha. But the fact tt he enjoyed it, it's all tt matters (:

 Yeah i drew out the draft of R's bday plan. HAHAHA. I am quite a detailed person.
 I was supposed to meet R & go out for lunch first. So when he finally arrived, i told him to come up to my house. & When he did, i stuck a post it note on the door. He has to follow the post it notes which i stuck all over the estate tt wld lead him to his destination where his friends & i will be awaiting him w a wide spread of food (:

Hehe R following the post it notes. In which he was instructed to take every one he came across but he didn't listen.. As usual!! -.-
Look at him smiling! (: Hehe

I painstakingly drew a little artwork on everyone's lunch boxes. I use the word "painstakingly" because i can't draw! Hahaha so it was kind of a pain for me to search for inspirational artworks & copy it. I really cant draw. Hahaha. Well at least i tried, yes? :D

I made ice cream for everyone!
Stayed the night at R's on the eve of his bday. Woke up the next day all dolled up & off we went for a day of relaxing all planed by yours truly (:
We had brunch at La Marelle. My current fav place for brunch/breakfast! Great food, awesome service & ambience is just lovely (:
why so cuteeee! :*)

He doesn't like cakes. So i figured his breakfast croissant shld pass right? Hahaha.

Then it was off to Ina Spa for some relaxing time & spa treatment! R was stoked cause his shoulders has been aching. Well, i was too of course. I needed a massage badly too. 

For 2 pax, i paid $60 for a 60min full body massage & 15min detox scrub. & An extra $10 top up for couple room. I bought this deal on Groupon. Groupon really helps  u save money! Lest it wld have cost me $169++ for 2 pax! I did my research before deciding to purchase on Groupon. Groupon has several spa treatment deals at a more affordable cost. So why not right?

Before our massage& body scrub (: The staff were warm & friendly upon our arrival.
This is the couple room. Simple & clean. Yes, clean! Cleanliness is v impt to me!

There's a shower in the room to take a bath after your massage/scrub. Very well equipped.

Done w our massage & extremely impressed w the superb service & professionalism of the staff. Their massage is the best we've ever had. Period.

Very clean place & extremely cosy. We were pretty taken back by their great hospitality & awesome service. Totally not what we expected. We will def be returning customers. Their masseuse are good! Very on the point & delivers what u request of them.

They are located beside Beaute Spring, along bugis village that side! To find out more abt them, check out their FB page at INA SPA!

Ina Spa
247 Victoria Street, S188033

Tel: 63360002
Website: INA SPA

Loving my newly bought "Leighton Midi Skirt" from the few webstores tt i absolutely love cause they are so one of a kind & the clothes they sell are classy & not the common kind where every blogshop is selling the same thing! They are none other than AFORARCADE! I loveeee their clothes! The material for this skirt is so good & comfy!

We caught "Captain America" at Marina Sq which was quite boring. To me it was. & Rushed down for our dinner at Carousel. We love the seafood spread there! It's amazeballsxssss.

The servers at Carousel are suer attentive! One of em saw us eating crabs & offered us a finger bowl so we can wash our fingers & not walk all the way to the toilet. Which R did right before the server gave us one. Hahaha.


25 Scotts Rd, S228220
Royal plaza
Tel: 65897799

Website: Carousel

P.S. Always make reservations first at Carousel. They are constantly fully booked! 

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