Monday, April 28, 2014


 Funny story abt this cupboard thing. I told R i am small enough to fit into the cupboard. I opened it, went in & said excitedly "Look! I told u i can fit in." Oddly enough, he didnt stop me from doing so. In which he usually wld but this time he didnt. & It didnt occur to me tt in his mind, something fishy was cookin up! He closed the doors, as if to entertain my silly antics, & then left me there for a minute!!! 1min may not sem long but to me i was kinda chickening out. I am a tad claustrophobic! & When i get nervous, anxious, scared or upset.. I laugh. I laugh to keep myself calm. No really, it helps at times.

 Then a stranger unlocked the cupboard & ta dah.. I popped out laughing like mad when i saw her expression. & She screamed a little okay! Then i laughed even more till i nearly cried when i saw who was right behind her, hiding behind the wall w a camera aiming at me, snapping away! It was none other than R!!! I cldn't believe he actually left me there, & hid behind a wall taking photos of the embarrassing moment! LOL. I was so sooo embarrassed but it made us both laugh so hard. Def a memory i will keep forever!

Skirt: Borrowed from a friend
Turquoise bralet:
Outer jacket: (From some online shop i forgot which)
Slip ons: Sanuk

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