Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding photographer for a day!

I had the wonderful opportunity to be A&Y 's wedding photographer. Well, i was more of the bride's photographer. This lovely couple are good friends whom i used to work with. R was there to help me take some pics & videos too. I managed to witness the entire process of how a Malay wedding goes. I have attended a few Malay weddings w R, but it's nothing like what i got to experience at A&Y's wedding! Def an eye opener. 

It was touching to see them both in their best outfits all dolled up & stuff. What touched me most was when Y had just arrived & his bride was awaiting for him at the end of the line, where the bride's uncle & brothers were an obstacle Y had to overcome before getting to see his bride. Something like Chinese weddings but held in a different manner. So this part nearly had me all teary eyed. It was sucha heart warming scene! Hahaha ima emotional wreck i know, i know. I get touched quite easily.

I am currently working on their wedding video. It will be up soon. Perhaps i will include it at the end of this post if i finish it by tonight! *Fingers crossed* Dateline to hand over the photos & video is in a weeks time. I gotta rush to get it done. 

All in all, i would def do this wedding photographer thing again! It was pure fun & i did it out of love for photography! Be it for Chinese, Malay, Eurasian or Indian weddings.. I wld love to be your wedding photographer & videographer! Because i am new at this, my rates aren't rocket high like those well known companies. My photos are raw, candid, & full of emotion. I do not like posey photos. Of course i will add in some of those lest the photos come out too candid which is what most couples do not like. Also, i would love to do a pre wedding shoot for couples! Tt's my specialty! Hehe. Sadly, the couple for this wedding i took did not want a pre wedding shoot. If not i cld show u guys some photos of what it wld look like. I rmbr holding my own outdoor shoots w my girlfriends(using them as my models in which they willingly agreed). I took some pretty awesome pics okay! I swear by it! Haha. Anw, to cut the story short...

If you are looking to hire an affordable photographer for any kind of shoots (except nude/obscene ones, duh), feel free to drop me an email at nadine_tay@live.com.sg for rates & enquiries! (:

Wishing the lovely couple everlasting love & good health! (:

With love,

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