Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A day in JB.

 Waited for R for 2 hours before he finally arrived. Tbh, i was getting grumpy & impatient. So bored tt i started taking lotsa selfies to keep myself entertained. Then i got sleepy & nearly dozed off.

 He finally arrived aft what seems like forever! He said his bike has some probs so i suggested we go JB to get it fixed by his trusty handyman which he has been using for many years now. & I got excited cause i figured since we were gna be there the whole day to wait for the bike to be fixed.. Why not have our mini photoshoot! JB has nice photoshoot locations!

My dress is from Island shop. Which was bought for me by R (: Brown sandals from an IG shop called " Femme Rogue."

I had a splendid time at JB w R. I really did. Though there wasnt much we cld do there as our only mode of transport ard the area was our feet.. Still, i loved the time spent w him. & Tt alone, makes me content (:

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