Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mornings w R.

Mornings w R are the best. I love having breakfast w him. I love that fact tt he is the first person i see when i open my eyes. I love how he wakes me up by kissing me on my forehead. I love how serious he looks whenever he is on his phone or watching tv. I love how her pulls me close to him. I love the way he tousles w my hair. I love feeding him. I love watching him cook for me. I love how he often tries his best to entertain the trigger happy crazy girl in me. I love his silly jokes tt makes me laugh so hard. I love his big beautiful gorg eyes that always, always melts my heart in an instant. Only he, can do something like tt.

& Because i gave him my heart, i allowed him to enter my life & be apart of it. Therefore, he is the only one w the key to unlock my darkest side tt may turn him away, & another side of me tt is fragile & angelic-like- A face tt is put on to others whom i build walls w to hide the ugly truth.

For he has seen the most unruly side of me tt no one has ever been let in to.. But he chose to stay & instead, be the one who calms me down & makes my heart skip a beat whenever he looks deep into my eyes & smile. Only he, encourages me to let go fully & be myself. In which, i am still working on. But i don't just love the feeling i get by being around him. I love how i become whenever i am with him. He makes me a better person. He makes me happy. Period.

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