Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sakura-like flowers in Singapore.

 My gorg sandals are from an IG shop called "Femme Rouge"! Follow them on instagram! They have several awesome stuff! Esp their sandal series! A tad ex, but i cant find any other place tt's selling em. Mine cost $65. Yeah kinda pricey but, i love it. It's pretty comfy to wear. But it's kinda thin so i wont do strenuous activity if i wear it out.

 I made her sit w the fallen pink flowers & it took me qute awhile to get a nice shot of her as she refused to look into the cammy. It's like she knows im taking photos of her & deliberately does not want to cooperate! So naughty!
I love my estate. Its so beautiful, tt is w/o a doubt. The trees are huge & pretty. There are always birds chirping. Some times if u're lucky, u can spot a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. Monitor lizards are a common thing too. They are huge mind u. Once in a blue moon 1 or 2 monkeys from Mac Ritchie will go astray & visit the estate. Which often scares residents cause they are usually up to no good. Where i live, it's a scenic-quiet place. Great for chilling & being away from the hustle & bustle of life. Mornings are always beautiful w the sunlight streaming into our hall. U look our the window, & u can't help but to stare at God's brilliant creation. I never want to move away. I love it here. It's not like any other places i've been to. This place, it's far from the main road. It's secluded. But i like it like tt (:
 Walking home from work & the beautiful lalangs tt used to grow at the side of the pavement came back! I had to take a photo w it as a background. Thus, i scrambled through my wallet for a polaroid photo & used it as a main subject w the mad gorg lalangs as the background! Instagram worthy anot?? Hehehe.

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