Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wheeler's yard

Wheeler's Yard
28 Lor Ampas

 The beef burger: $14.90
Continental breakfast: $5.50

Wheeler's Yard is a bicycle shop cum cafe. I love the concept & how well put together the design of the cafe/bicycle shop is. It is pretty inconvenient to get to though. It is located in a warehouse. Despite the location, i love how high the ceilings are, & how airy their alfresco area is. Wheeler's Yard is a cool place to chill out at.

As for the food, truthfully speaking, i hated it. I didn't like the burger. The beef burger was chewy & however long i chewed, it took forever to swallow. The buns were the worst. It was slightly hard! & Ntm my damn fries. It felt like they either refried some left over fries or they took 30s to fry em because they were lazy or rushing? Idk man. My fries were SOGGY! Wtf seriously. Who serves soggy fries. It's such a major turn off. Also, their service was quite bad. My friend and i stood at the counter looking at the menu, the uncle & aunty standing behind the pass acted as if we were invisible. They didn't even offer to ask if we needed any help. The next time i visit Wheeler's Yard, i'll just be there to see the bicycles. So my impression of Wheeler's yard would be 'it's just another hippie cafe w lousy food'. Period.

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