Thursday, February 13, 2014

A walk under the hot sun.

I spend my off day w momsie doing some light exercise & i brought dd along! I have been bringing her out v often & she is so happy whenever i leave the house w her. We went to Rifle Range Rd to walk. Remember the KTM train? Well, when they removed it a few years back, R & i discovered it became a jog/cycle place. It is an extremely long pathway that leads to god knows where. It was scorching hot tt day & poor dd was panting like mad. The moment we sat down she immediately followed suit & plopped her body onto the grass. Hahaha she was sucha cutie. 

Momsie even faked an injury just to test dd to see if she cared & boy oh boy.. Tt little furball was alr so darn tired, she walked all the way back just to see if momsie was okay & she looked at me in a way like wondering why i didn't go back to help momsie. LOL. She is so soo cute! & This is why i love dogs more than any other animals. They are loyal & truly man's bestfriend (:

 I love how the bamboo shoots were slanting over the house.

 Dd is sucha pampered girl! She climbed on momsie's lap to sit as she didn't like the roughness of the grass.

I had sucha great time spent w dd & momsie! It was so much fun just basking in nature & having my mum & dd beside me (:

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