Friday, January 24, 2014

Super belated birthday dinner

Tbh, the last i saw Beloved & Rus was back in June if i'm not wrong? Hahaha super long ago man. But anw, we met up & caught up on each other's lives. I mean, we obv follow each other on instagram & prolly text once in awhile.. But nothing compares to meeting them in person & seeing their expression as u talk. I went to school with them & Claris was my classmate for 6 years! Hahaha can u believe it? We were in the same class for pretty long. Known her for about 10 years now. They are both good friends of mine & Rus was extremely funny tt day. 

La Pizzaiola
Braddell Heights Estate
15-3 Jalan Riang

Tel: 62825031

*i* It's better to call to make reservations first as they are often fully booked.

We had dinner at La Pazzaiola. I love tt place! It's a great Italian restaurant to go to for authentic homemade pizzas! I love their pizzas!! It's the best i swear!

Rucola Parma (Parma Ham Pizza with rocket leaves)- $19.90

This was my fav! I loveeee parma ham so damn much! If u are a fan of parma ham, this pizza will most def win u over! Trust me on this (:

Canneloni Con Ricotta e Spinachi- $14.90
(Handmade pasta tube filled with ricotta cheese & spinach)

Ravioli Di Salciccia- $14.90
(Handmade ravioli with sausage in spicy tomato sauce)

This dish was pretty disappointing  Also, if u are very hungry, don't order this. U will not be full. Portion given was very miserable.

We then hopped over to Wimbly Lu for desserts! Brought them there since they've never been before & they loved it v much. I love Wimbly Lu, & tt goes w/o saying. Have been there several times alr. And they never disappoint!

Double chocolate cheesecake- $6
Flourless chocolate cake w salted caramel sauce- $6

Wimbly Lu
15 Jln Riang

Thank you Beloved & Russell for the Craftoholic bunny & Cath Kidson polka dotted pouch! I love it! (: Another craftoholic addition to my small collection of 3 (:

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