Friday, February 28, 2014

Twin's 24th birthday dinner.

My twin sisters turned 24yo on 8 Feb. So my fam celebrated their birthday at Spruce the following day. The both of them had their own intimate celebration on their actual bday at Spruce(again i know) & desserts at MBS, The cheese & chocolate bar! They had raving reviews on tt place & i have been wanting to dine there since forever!! Hopefully, someday it'll be my turn to visit the cheese & chocolate bar restaurant! (:

We always let the twins choose their dinner location cause it's v difficult to eat out w them. They are extremely fussy eaters. They don't eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, sauce etc. The list cld go on, & in details, but then it wld most def bore u out. So basically, they don't eat much. & Nope, u cannot have the food they do not eat placed on the same plate w their salmon/steak. They'd rather not eat the entire dish. Even if a dry piece of salad touched their meat/fish by accident, they will not eat that contaminated part & cut it away. U think tt's bad? Im not done. The utensils u use are not allowed to touch their utensils or plates or food. U touch it, u die. Why? Cause to them the food we eat are disgusting so if we accidentally hit our utensils against theirs or dig into their food w/o their consent (none of us digs into their bowl actually.), they will kill u & not eat the entire dish. They are SUPER DUPER PICKY-FUSSY EATERS!!

W tt said, i shall let the rest of the photos do the talking (: Then u wld get what i mean.

320 Tanglin Rd
tel: 68365528

 Pan seared Foie Gras: $16

I have always loved the texture and taste of Foie Gras. This was done pretty well. Soft & creamy on the inside & crispy on the outside.
 Tapas platter for 3: Spanish omelette, Squid & Beef pinchos: $30

This tapas platter for 3 was average tasting. I loved the presentation, unfortunately, the flavors of these 3 dishes fell short for me. The spanish omelette was the only tapas out of the 3 tt tasted good. It was a simple omelette filled w potatoes & it was creamy on the inside. Not dry at all! Which is good.

 Tapas platter for 3: Squid 

The squid was seared with aioli and garnished with chives. The bottom of the squid was a thin curved layer of mayonnaise. The squid was cooked well but it tasted kinda bland. It wld have been great if a lil more salt was added to it.
 Tapas platter for 3: Beef Pinchos

These tiny beef cubes on a stick were marinated with a generous amount of smoked paprika, olive oil & herbs. The smoked paprika was a tad too much as the flavour overpowered the taste of the beef. It was way too strong.

 Baby back ribs: $33

This huge portion of baby back ribs were def the most worth it dish of the night. The meat was tender & my mum loved the garlic croutons.

 Pan roasted salmon steak: $29

The plating of this dish was in accordance to my sister's specific request. Like i mentioned earlier, they are extremely fussy eaters. So this picture will explain what i mean when i say it is really really difficult to eat with them. They want everything separated. EVERYTHING.

  Oh especially the salad has to be separated.
 Mac & cheese: $10

The Mac & Cheese was my fav side dish of the night! The cheese sauce was creamy & smooth. I loved how they sprinkled breadcrumbs on top of the mac & cheese cause it went so well with the entire dish.
 The Spruce Burger: $18

Additional bacon cost $2. I didn't like the burger buns as the bottom bun was hard. So i ate everything in the middle but the buns. Had my beef done medium rare & it was cooked to the perfect doneness as requested.. Thank God! Just a lil prob.. The patty tasted kinda weird? Like it had a pungent smell when i put it into my mouth. It gave me a feeling tt this burger patty was on the verge of spoiling.

 Tuna Burger: $24

This tuna burger was not bad as Ridzuan described it. I don't eat tuna. It was stacked with tuna, cooked to medium rare, red onions, slices of avocados, lotsa lettuce & pickles. Served with herbed thick fries.

 Brownie A La Mode: $ (sorry idk the price of this wonderful dessert)

Don't judge the brownie by it's size! I know it's flat & small.. But it taste really good i swear!! Fudgy on the inside w bits of soft chocolate chunks & crispy on the outside. With a huge scoop of vanilla i/c.. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?!

 Twins had a complimentary brownie by the restaurant as it was their birthday (:
 Creme brulee: $

The creme brulee was horrible. The custard was overcooked & tasted like thick pudding. Creme brulee is supposed to have a creamy & smooth texture right? But this was badly done. Even the boys had to struggle trying to finish it all as it tasted so bad.

I love family dinners when R is ard. I love having him ard during my family gatherings/dinners. It's a comforting sight to see your partner getting along with your family members & to know tt they accept him makes me happier.

Sx surprised the twins w a Rive Gauche cake & many diff types of candles -.- The twins love to burn stuff. Oh it runs in the family. I love burning random stuff too. Hahaha.
Sophie loves R quite a lot. Everytime he comes over she goes to him & allows him to carry her and all. Usually she is quite reserved & doesn't always let ppl carry her. But w R, she always seems so at ease.

 Shall end my post w a pic of R & i! Hehe :*) I'm happy.

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