Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

My CNY this year was a pretty quiet one. As my grandfather passed away few months ago, we aren't supposed to participate in any form of celebration. & Tt goes the same for CNY too. So, the paternal side of my fam just had reunion dinner tgth. My Maternal side had a reunion dinner on the first day of CNY. My own fam decided to have a steamboat tgth as we have never done it before. It was fun tho. We invitied Sx, R & Tash's new bf, Ben, over for our steamboat dinner. We played games after & everyone had so much fun. Even my little furball had her own "steamboat". Haha i made her her own meal & she was super happy.

I hope everyone's cny celebrations have been going well. Here's to wishing everyone a 馬-verlous new year! (:

My grandma cooks the best meals, for real. I love her cooking best. She cooks all kinds of peranakan dishes & i grew up eating the meals she prepares. I love her Buah Keluah especially! 
We skyped w Sean (my older brother) & lo hei-ed w him & my grandma was so cute! She tried to feed him some through the iPad! Hahahaha.

Anja was so cute. She put her barbie cap on dd & tried to carry her. Hahaha. It was my first time bringing dd over.

 Visited daddy on the first day of CNY & i brought dd over to play w his dog, Yogi!

 A yearly, family tradition (:

We a small family steamboat dinner on the 2nd day of CNY. This is the first time my family held a steamboat dinner tgth as we have nvr done tt before.

Yes, Tash has a boyfriend. A new face to the family (:

Dinner at my mum's side on the first day of CNY. Tt w;d be me helping out to grill food for ppl. My 2 older cousins saw me at the back, laughed & said "Eh? I thought today is your off day?" LOL. I thought so too man... Hahaha.
I love their treehouse! So cool pls. My uncle is an engineer & his wife is an architect  She designed the house & he built it! How cool.
ROCKY! Every year he attends the family gatherings. He is super hyper.


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