Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amber avenue romper & Zalora.

This is definitely one of my fav rompers from amberavenue. Sadly, they closed their operations for quite some time alr. I love how tropical this romper is, & u can wear it to the beach, in a date, or even for days where u need to run errands! It's the perfect romper! I love it so so much.

I just love how the floral prints come tgth. It shouts bold! Despite the fact that amberavenue has closed down.. There's another online site which u can purchase rompers like these from! & It's none other than Zalora! They have different type of clothes that cater to both Men & Women! Be it work, casual, street-wear or whatever kinda style u have, they def carry a brand that will suit your liking! Visit Zalora SG for more up to date details on their BTS action when they launch their collections!

The last pic i grabbed dd and took a shot w her. She is just uber adorbzzz! Look at her squishy lil flat face! Such a qt pie tt furball :*)

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