Monday, March 3, 2014

Tree Top Walk.

Spent one of my sundays at Mac Ritchie walking 10km to the HSBC Tree Top Walk w my colleagues. It was a fun day though. Despite the sad fact tt we didn't even get to cross the tree top walk cause i brought dd along & no dogs were allowed in the trail.. It was a fun walk.

I started out the walk by carrying her for a couple of km and she walked quite abit till she slowed down showing signs tt she can't go any further. She may be just 5kg, but i'm walking up the slope & rocky path. So it grew on me and  i got tired. Hahaha.

 Our first pit stop aft completing our first km. Everyone looking all energetic still....
 Look at dd! Hahaha she was sooo cute! She really cldn't walk any further & carrying her was tiring me out even more. So i had an idea to put her in my bag & she just sat down in it w/o moving & not protesting to it one bit!! Hahaha tt's how worn out she was. So, i carried her in my bag pack all the way up & down! Good exercise for me! She was my extra weight. Lol. Don't worry, i didn't zip all the way there was a good amount of space for her to move her head.

 This wld be our 3rd pit stop. We were halfway there till we reached the tree top walk.

 This was a super up slope & chef aly was about to die walking up. So i pushed her up which i think i wasn't of much help. Hahaha. Think she wanted to kill me for videoing down her suffering even.

 At the end when we finally reached the tree top walk!!! Until....
 We got stopped by the ranger and he kicked us out of the bridge. Told me to get out now lest he wld call the authorities & bla bla bla. We didn't know dogs weren't allowed before entering our walk. We saw the signs, but ignored cause we didn't think it wld be a big deal. Plus if i'd known earlier i wldn't have brought dd along. Oh wells. Lesson learnt the hard way. We only got to the start of the bridge before being told to go back down the same way we got up. We were dead beat man.

 I do feel very bad for troubling them. They walked all the way up just to cross the tree top walk & we didn't even get to go over :( All because of me. Feel extremely bad. The ranger wldn't even let them cross when i said i'll go down the same way we came up cause he said they participated in my "crime" & refused to let them cross.

Anyhoos, i loved the greenery surrounding us & i got to nusk in mother nature (: So tt was good enough for me (:

Just rmbr if you guys intend to participate in the tree top walk, bring lotsa water, DON'T bring your dog or cat or whatever... Hahaha. There is a toilet & water cooler right before u reach the tree top walk. About 500m away. So u need not worry abt running out of water. Wear cooling clothes & comfortable shoes. It is a really tedious walk. No payment to walk the tree top walk, it's totally free. U get to enjoy mother nature all for free! (:

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