Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunny day at the Zoo!

Spent my Saturday afternoon at the zoo w R & his friends. It was quite fun but super hot! The weather tt day was scorching hot!! Didnt help tt my hair was making it worse! Felt like jumping into a pool of water man. Thanks to R's friends, we went in for free as they had free tix! (:

 photo IMG_8449_zpsf72cafcd.jpg
 photo IMG_6588_zps6fb270ca.jpg
 photo IMG_6644_zpsfaae2403.jpg
 photo IMG_6653_zpsbdd69acf.jpg
I used to be sooo afraid of butterflies!! But i overcomed my fear w R helping me scoop up the butterfly & it stayed on my bracelet!!! Hehe so proud of myself! LOL!
 photo IMG_8528_zps1426a536.jpg
 photo IMG_6652_zps7f58ef0e.jpg
Iza's lil bro! So friggin cute!!
 photo IMG_8464_zps144ec563.jpg
 photo IMG_6615_zps347e92ea.jpg
 photo IMG_6597_zps2b278f4a.jpg
 photo IMG_6645_zps1e5a14d5.jpg
 photo IMG_6646_zpsfb632f31.jpg
 photo IMG_6642_zps1332abc9.jpg
 photo IMG_6571_zps3181613b.jpg

Cherry crop top: Oakham Market
Crochet cardi: F21
Teal flare shorts: My selling post!
Loafers: Charles & Keith
Raimbow tote bag: Accessorize

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