Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dip Dye green-blue hair

I dyed my own hair again a week ago & have fallen completely in love w the colour! Every time i look down at my hair i feel soooo happy!!! Hehe (: I bought the bleach from Mustafa which cost not more than $6? The semi permenant colour dye was bought from Princessinamess for $20.50 per tub.
I did my own hair cause if i were to go to a salon to get it done, it wld hv cost me a whooping $300 +. The colour i wanted was not a common colour & my hair is rly long! Plus, it's super easy to DIY ur own dip dye hair. I've blogged abt dying your own hair before here. Tt post js read the part abt how i bleached my own hair.
Adding the colour u want aft bleaching is rly easy! Dont wash ur hair before u add the colour. Js apply it to the parts u want dyed & leave it on for abt 30mins before washing it off.

I will be dying my hair agn & will do up a proper post on how i dip dyed my hair. It's rly simple & much easier if u have shorter hair though (:

 photo IMG_6660_zpsc369d93e.jpg
 photo IMG_6710_zps70623ab6.jpg
 photo IMG_6711_zpsc1b1c9bc.jpg
 photo IMG_6891_zps7257035b.jpg
 photo IMG_6993_zps49849f6c.jpg
 photo IMG_6981_zpsb8e39ca9.jpg
 photo IMG_6687_zps7511e098.jpg
 photo IMG_6683_zps5b3564cb.jpg

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