Monday, May 27, 2013


If you havent heard, Turf City has a newly open place called "Pasarbella". It's a farmer's market inspired concept. It's like a cross between food stalls & a wet & dry market. Very cool indeed.  It's basically everything under one roof. They have flowers, seafood, wine, eateries, balloons, kitchen wares etc. I was pretty amazed by the set up of the place. It most def blew me away. Pasarbella's a unique place which is kid friendly too.

The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore

200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

Phone: +65 6887 0077

Opening hours:
9.30am-7pm Daily

 photo IMG_7693_zpsc98a433f.jpg
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 photo IMG_7695_zpse643535a.jpg
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 photo IMG_7696_zps1f074a6f.jpg
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 photo IMG_7729_zps87dfcbc4.jpg
This part reminds me of the Toyko fish market tt i often see on tv!
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 photo IMG_7731_zpsc6c49a2d.jpg
 photo IMG_7724_zpsf5a71af7.jpg
 photo IMG_7723_zpsd61d2166.jpg

 photo IMG_7721_zpsae83c86e.jpg
These ahmazinggg macarons are from Bonheur Patisserie. It's SOOOO good! Esp the Salted Caramel flavour!!
 photo IMG_7719_zps1674d356.jpg
 photo IMG_7726_zpsa2e82b79.jpg
The toilet! Hahaha whoever thought of replacing the name 'Toilet" w "Room of ease" is a rly smart, & hilarious.
 photo IMG_7700_zps310f87ab.jpg
After purchasing your food, (it's a bit like ikea) find a seat & have ur meal.
 photo IMG_7716_zps1f36348a.jpg
 photo IMG_7717_zps99c7f2fc.jpg
 photo IMG_7718_zpsf40d56ac.jpg
How cute is this kid's salon??! Man i wish i was a kid js so i cld sit in those cool tiny cars & hv my hair cut in style!!
 photo IMG_7712_zpsc501fbda.jpg
 photo IMG_7789_zpsa0bbb704.jpg
 photo IMG_7710_zps33b980f1.jpg
 photo IMG_7709_zps1bd645cc.jpg
 photo IMG_7707_zps540a99cb.jpg
This is my fav store!!! They sell "Rice" products which i rly rly loveee to death! Sadly, its kinda pricey. But the kitchen wares & stuff are rly pretty!!
 photo IMG_7708_zpsbc36070a.jpg
 photo IMG_7704_zps5aea8c7b.jpg
The pasta from Five & Spice is good!
 photo IMG_7701_zpsb150638a.jpg
 photo IMG_7703_zps5f78bc39.jpg
 photo IMG_7702_zps5d339bd9.jpg
Beautiful flowers. They even sell Lavendar which im gna buy a bunch soon & make Lavendar ice cream.

I wld def be back again! I love this place so soo much!

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Azimuth CH said...

Nice post on PasarBella. Had a recent terrible experience at Cicely Kitchen (f.k.a. Five and Spice Kitchen) in PasarBella though.

My partner ordered Brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms at Cicely Kitchen. Was informed that it would take 5-8mins. Instead, she was made to wait over for 30mins.

When asked if the food was ready, the staff’s reply was there were many orders before hers. My partner’s sis told the teenage staff that he should have informed my partner earlier instead. We had gotten other food and were waiting for her return.

I guess this comment must have peeved the boss Alicia Lin off. She came over, scooped the food from the cooking pan and chucked it to my partner & her sis. She said curtly “Nah, take it, take it.”

Unfortunately, the food was not worth the wait of my family of 7 as both dishes were overly salty. Not wanting to waste our appetite on mediocre food (no problem though with the Boston lobsters, prawns, fish, paella, crackling roast, Iberico pork, russian cakes and the wonderful ale that we ordered), I took the sprouts back to Cicely Kitchen, told the crew that it was too salty and they can have it back. Sauteed mushroom got chucked unceremoniously into the bin. Anyway, I was not expecting any money back.

I believe if you want to run a F&B business, the least you can do is to be respectful of your patrons and cook them decent food. Else, you really should not be in this line. Based on what I read in The Straits Times SoShiok article, maybe home cook “extraordinaire” Alicia Lin knows that the end is near hence the terrible attitude.

Don’t take my words for it. Maybe my palate was tainted by the Iberico pork and lobsters. Try Cicely Kitchen and see if you still like the food or service.

Well, I certainly didn’t……