Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dd's weird sleeping positions.

 photo IMG_6531_zps7b3bc7d4.jpg
 photo IMG_6537_zps0a0a0c37.jpg
 photo IMG_6547_zps68577e72.jpg
 photo IMG_6556_zps1933e75c.jpg

The way dd sleeps is exceptionally cute & weird! I js dont understand how she can sleep in sucha weird manner! Hahaha but she is super adorable!

Anw, there was one night when i was about to go to bed & looked over to see if dd & the kittens were doing okay. To my surprise & amusement, the kittens were sleeping right next to dd's butt on the elephant! Hahaha the 3 of em squeezing on 1 elephant. It was sooo cute!

 photo IMG_8779_zps9484f5bb.jpg
 photo IMG_8778_zps3276fe8e.jpg
 photo IMG_8776_zpsd84b487f.jpg

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