Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jurong Bird Park.

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It has been a decade since i've been to Jurong Bird Park! I've been to the zoo & night safari over the years but not JBP. R had free tix to JBP so we went on my off day & thank God the place was pretty empty. Which means, good for taking pictures w/o having strangers photobomb my photos! Lol.

Anw, when we reached, i was super excited!! I was def more excited than R. Hahaha i kept pulling him to see the birds & stuff. I was literally running like a kid. R js trailed behind me & followed suit. I seriously had so much fun & was sooooo happy tt day. I wld love to relive tt day one more time.

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R told me there's a waterfall & brought me there. It was pretty cool!
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The weather was scorching hot i swearrrr.
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Purhcased my shirt dress from a flea at a real steal!! & It's from mango. Super comfortable & pretty peice!

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