Monday, July 26, 2010


Did you know?

22 Mins before the clock strikes 12am. Am so tired. Ok i'm sure most of you are sick & tired of hearing me say tt almost in every post! Haha sorry! I really am worn out.
Am looking forward to this Friday though. HOPEFULLY, if there isn't any cock ups, then i will be going butter with my friends ^^ So excited. Haha. I know la i sound like some noob. But i only went clubbing once & this time it's with my friends! Gonna be diff. Even if they don't go this Fri, i knw they confirm go next week or some other day agn. LOL. Standard.

Sorry no pics for the time being. My precious camera is sent for repair. I knw some of you wanna slap me in the head but i vow i didn't do anything! This time it's the lens prob -.- The Macro lens works js fine though. Will be getting it back this week. CAN'T WAIT! I MISS MY PRECIOUS SO BADLY )))):

& & I GOT A NEW PHONE! (: Sony Ericsson W20. Nvr heard of tt phone, but can surf the net with it! Unfortunately, mumsy doesn't allow ): She says it wld cost a bomb. Ok goodnight! Will be back to update with pics don't ya'll worry (:

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