Monday, September 28, 2009

My weekend was a true terror. I had a high fever on Friday. Met ShiKin & Farna for some catching up. I def did enjoy my time sent with them. Though it was just a few hours, we manage to fill each other up on our recent happenings. I was feeling unwell by then. When i reach home i went to bed.
My temp was 39.1C. I stayed in my room as cg went on. It was hell. My whole body was hot & i was having a bad headache. I'm alr sick for 4 days. Every single night was a torture. I couldn't sleep, splitting headache, vomit & terrible cough. It all sounds so exaggerated right? I wish it was. The 2nd night my temp rose to 40.1C. I was in a horrible state & i kept crying cause the pain was just excruciating. Imagine the pain i had to face for 3 consecutive nights. The 3rd night i kept perspiring till my whole shirt was wet. My hair was slightly wet too. I woke up at 3am just to take a shower cause i felt so sticky. The air con in my room was on, & i was perspiring. My temp just kept rising & falling. When i got better, towards the end of the day it would get worse.
I just went to the doc this morn & got an injection. The doc said 4 days of high fever is insignificant & i may have dengue fever. So i pray, tt by tonight, i'll be cured. So i will not have to go back to the doc tmr to draw my blood. Whatever it is, i have never felt so shitty before. Sucks to be in this state. Even as im typing this im still not feeling well. But much better compared to the pervious days.

My dad bought me food, dabbed my head with cold towel. Gave me warm drink, kept me warm. I thank God for him.
& Zy, how can i forget him. He was there all 3 days,taking care of me. He did almost everything for me. 85% of the time he was here, i was lying in bed & he would just sit by me & change the towel every now & then or just watch me sleep. I could see how tired he was yet he still came evryday to take care of me. So thanks (:

So now i pray tt God will heal me. I don't wanna be in this sickly state. It's been really long & i can't take the pain.

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