Sunday, May 17, 2009

See the picture above, pretty right? (:
People who read my blog often would know who this pretty babe is.
It's my precious Beloved! Haha. Anyway, cheer up beloved!
* Ain't worth it to be sad over yeah.
You know you're way better than * in that particular area.

& That's all that matters my dear. So don't you worry alright.
Show me your megawatt smile! :DDD

Went out with Stacy-Stussy ytd. She came over to practice her recipe for this Wed's O levels practical exam. I'm so afraid i might not do well man. Gaaah! Anyway, her cooking went well. Tasted good ((: After cooking we went out tgth. Walked around Far East. It has been quite awhile since the both of us went out tgth. Not tt we don't hang out with each other, just tt it's hardly only the both of us. I had fun choosing belts for her! & Shopping with her. Haha :DDD

P.S. It doesn't matter anymore ok (: Let's just let bygones be bygones. ((((:

Stacy & i :DDD She's super cute! If only she was my blood sister, i'd be damn happy. Haha. (:

Super retarded -.- Lol

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