Saturday, May 16, 2009


Haha okay tt was random. Anyway, the moment we got into the pool, it started pouring heavily. Literally man. So suay -.- We couldn't care less bout the rain & swam :DDD The WHOLE time we were swimming, it was raining. Even when there was thunder, we still swam. Lol. Oh well. If lightning were to struck the pool, we'd die immeidately man. Ya'll get what i mean right? If you don't, you either suck at Physics like crazy or you just dont have common sense. It's 4.48am & my eyes are glued to the screen!! Wth. Idk what's wrong with me. I have been addicted to the comp recently. Omg Zy is so right. His so gonna kill me. Anyhoos, I was texting him & he was forcing me to go to sleep.

Zy: Go to sleep so late already.
Nad: But i can't sleep. Not tired. Okay you tell me a bedtime story first then i'll sleep! :DDDDD How bout tt? (:
Zy: -.- Ai yo you. Idk any stories la. Go to sleep. I playing dota.
Nad: (alittle mad at him for paying so much attention to his stupid comp) Okay goodnight. Love you (:

Stupid boy always playing dota. Idk what's so fun bout tt game. I shall master tt game & trash him so he would stop playing it! HAHA. Kay as if. I dont even know how to download the freaking game -.- (The para below is random but i just feel like saying what i feel. Afterall, this IS an online diary right? (: )

During our 1 month, we quarrelled almost everyday. Literally. Bout what? Everything & anything. Sounds dumb eh? He told me after our 2nd month or so when things btwn us were going downhill that ' We may not have our "honeymoon period" like every couple does. Instead, we'll get ours in time to come.' What he meant was tt the starting of a r/s for couples are always so lovey dovey & all. Hardly any arguements. However, for us, it was the total opposite! I figured we would never see eye to eye till Zy told me tt very sentence. & It is coming to pass. 7 months we have been tgth, & we hardly quarrell anymore. Yes, hardly. Things in a r/s are supposed to get better & better right? For some couples, things get worse rather than better. I'm glad my r/s with Zy gets better & better instead of a downfall. ((: & I def do love him more & more everyday tt's for sure ((: If you're wodnering why we argue so much, here's one reason - Our characters are so alike tt it clashes. (It doesn't neccessarily mean tt if you're so much alike like your patner tt ya'll would get along just fine.)

Okay ima try to sleepppp! DouDou's sleeping right in the middle of my bed -.- How sweet. I can crush her in 5mins.

P.S. I had much fun with you today bby! :DDD I am so enjoying the after 5 & a half months of our r/s even more! Heh (: Things are just getting better & better & i love the way things are now. Def looking forward to more ((: XOXO!

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