Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a decision i made on my own freewill.
With God i know i'm never alone.
He's the one i wanna walk with; Side by side.

When everything around you gets so blur that you wish there's some place you could be to get away from the drama in the world. But hey, this is reality. What more can you expect other than crazy dramas?

Other than the crazy things that happen in our lives, i thank God for being in my life. No matter how evil i can be, he's always there. Moreover, for placing wonderful friends in my life. Everytime i feel so down & i don't feel like doing anything else or going to school.. It is my friends who brighten up my day w/o them knowing i'm feeling down. They make me laugh at their hilarious jokes & retardedness. When i do something tt they do not approve of, i get scolded. & I know tt's for my own good. Even when they ridicule me like mad, i change for the better. Friends- Good/Best friends like Beloved, Stacy, Javier, Justin, YiFu, Rai, ShiKin, Farna, Lian, Louis, Hidayah & Gladys are people i'm so gonna treasure. W/o them, life's a bore. They are the reason that's getting me through secondary school life.

Besides my friends, there's my one & only whom i love very much (: He treats me really good. It may not seem that way at the start, but recently it has been so much better! Seriously. He's the kinda guy that puts himself in others shoes before doing/saying anything to them. That's exactly what he does to me. He toils with my hair often, makes me laugh like mad at his retardedness & actions, plays the guitar and sing to me often, encourages me, scolds me for my own good, & most of all.. I love the way he looks into my eyes when he cups my face in his hands, holding me very close to his face & looking me right in the eye. I'm not just saying. He really does tt all the time. It made me feel really uneasy at first, but i got used to it & felt his love for me whenever he does tt. (: & All his kezillion stupid expressions & actions really made me laugh & wish why he's such a retard. Haha nah kiddin. I still love him despite all tt (:

Lastly, God is the reason i'm here & i'm living for him. No one else but him. He has def done many miracles in my life & i'm grateful for all his done. I love him a great great deal (:

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