Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let your light shine upon me.
I need your guidance.
Light up my path & show me the way.

Today is MUFFINS day :DD LOL. Stacy came over and she tried out one of her recipe for F&N O's prac. Muffins= Success. Stacy's short puff pastry= Half failed, but turned out a success! That girl, as usual, always do wrong things when cooking. She's not meant to be a cook! She didn't even read the instructions properly. A failure turned out to be quite delicious actually. We modified it by adding cheese and tuna onto the pastry. It tasted awesome! (: Justin, Javier, Samuel & Ws came over later. They stayed on quite late. I'm home alone. At least their company kept me occupied & somewhat safe! HAHA. Afraid of being alone at home. Oh well. Wild imaginations.



Note to self: Stacy is a homewrecker. Below are evidence that my dear dear friend is really one! Haha. Don't worry Stacy, i still love you! Lol.

The girl on the left is Stacy (Homewrecker)! (:

She broke my scent bottle (It makes the house smell nice) There were teeny weeny bits of glass fragments everywhere. Lol.

& This chair too! This one made me laugh so hard when i heard tt she broke my chair. She leaned back & it broke. Hmm.. Stacy, not a good sign. HAHA.

Muffin mixture with choc chips!

Doesn't it look delicious? Don't you just wanna reach your hands through the screen & steal one?? Haha :DDDD

This is Stacy's. Look at the cheese!! Yummy! :DD It was really delicious. Even DouDou liked it. Gave her abit. Lol.

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