Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired, really tired.
I just wish ...
Oh well. Sigh.

It's going 1am & i'm still up doing my freaking F&N coursework -.- I'm very tired. School has been giving loads of worksheets. Trying to finish them all. I have been studying from 8 till i started doing my coursework. Finished up schoolwork around 11pm plus. Rushing to finish my coursework now. I hate it very much when i have to retype everything again. It's freaking frustrating. It just ruins my mood even more when my stomach is not exactly cooperating with me. Gaaah! Stupid coursework seriously kills me -.- I wanna go to sleeeeep! Gotta wake up for school tmr. It's like a freaking routine of my life! So wanna get out of sec school. & I'll be extremely happy! The only thing that's getting me through sec school alive, is my bunch of friends & the fact that i'm pushing myself real hard to get a good O level grade to please some people and abit of myself. Sigh ): Today's just not my day.

Praying that God will be with me throughout.
That i shall not falter for i shall lean on his strength & not mine alone.

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