Monday, July 2, 2007

no school today, BLISS ! haha. nothing pleases me better than having to wake up anytime you want without my mum screaming into my ear. especially when i can sleep in peace.
went swimming with nik at noon. after we got out of the pool more people came. luckily we swam earlier. anyway, met up with jeff last sat tgth with claris. went out with her as a birthday celebration for her. (: he looks so diff now. his hair's weird. later in the evening rus and wanting came along. we camwhored !! ((: haha. claris's camera rocks la. it's freaking clear.
daphne's mum took doudou yesterday, so we just got her back today. i was so afraid her mum would faint after seeing doudou. cause we just brought doudou and scottie for grooming. and the damn gorrming place cut their fur wrongly. somore my mum specifically typed out in detailed what to cut and what not to cut. and the shaved ALL of their fur. now scottie's fur can't even grow back cause his ageing. doudou's one is not a problem cause she's still young. but she looks uglier now. nvm. time flies right? so her fur will be back in no time. haha.
this is a picture of scottie and doudou. the one on the right is doudou, the left one is scottie.
i REFUSE to put a picture of them now, cause it's embarassing. haha

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