Tuesday, July 3, 2007

it's past 10pm already. just got back from dinner with jasmine. had dance class before tt. i overslept la. i rushed down to my dance class. was late for about 5 minutes. thank God they were sort of halfway through warm up. so happy la. finally daniel noticed me !! his dancing is freaking nice! haha. ate at pasta mania with jasmine. we crapped about lot of stuff.
i'm so darn tired. went out at a really weird timing last night. but it was worth it la. anyway, had a meeting today after school. usually the library would be realy quiet. but when all the student coucilors and senior councilors and prefects came, it was pretty darn noisy. everyone was like playing. i miss the the senior councilors so badly. haha. okay, it's like i miss myself. i am a senior coucillor too, i'm just stuck in sec 3. GAHH !! tmr gotta stay back after school to rehearse the student coucilor investiger. God knows what time it'll end. nvm it'll be fun. it'll ALWAYS be fun with them.
ahhh* doudou's so adorable la. she's whining at me now. she wants to play. lol. but i'm ignoring her. she's so cute la. she's always wanting attention. when we all give scottie attention, she gets jealous and fight with scottie. she's a bully, yet cute. haha. then again, scottie gets abit more attention from me cause my siblings all like don't care abt him. plus, scottie has been with me for really long. he always give me a sad look until i carry him.

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