Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SCREAMS! haha. It took me so many days to get tt video out of my head!! It's so embarassing la. I know i looked dumb. OMG! haha. I feel utterly embarassed to the very core. ekkkkss* When the video was shown people kept laughing. I mean it's a good thing tt people laugh, cause at least my vid with faz was funny. Shows tt we're FUNNY people. Haha. Ya la. I know it's party cause of the way i pronounce the chinese word and the fact tt i'm wearing a cheong-sum. Faz's one is her craziness. lol. Okay okay.Enough of tt if not i'll go bersek again la. LOL.

GAAAAH* i'm so tired la. Got back not long from dance class. and it's like 10 plus already. Really tired. I couldn't dance well today ): . No matter how much effort and energy i put into the dance moves i just didn't feel well. Don't know why. Plus, my ankles were bleeding la. Daphne gave me a addidas shoe. THANKS FOR THE SHOES BTW DAPHNE (: Cause new shoes usually will give you blisters at the back of your leg. And i kept telling myself ' nevermind just walk normally.' So i forced myself to walk normally. Cause people kept staring at me as if i'm some kinda hadicap la. lol. Now my shoes at the back got spots of blood. POOS* I'm exhausted. Oh & guess who i bumped into in the train on my way to dance class? SHAWN ! Haha. We were like ' eh? ..' haha. What eh coincidence. He was with his girlfriend. Caught up on what we're doing and all. Was nice seeing him again.

Anyway, had lotsa fun in class today, towards the end la. I asked my classmates for help in my chinese compo. It's for CA. When they read my compo, they started laughing SO loudly. I was like ' wth? .. '. And they said my chinese writing is amusing. Cause i converted english sentences into chinese, which is probably why it sounded weird. Like there was this sentence i meant to write in chinese, ' i tied up my hair and tidied myself up.' But what i wrote in chinese was a totally different thing. I wrote ' i pulled out my hair and tidied myself up'. Then that idiotic Ben said ' You pull out your hair already for what tidy your hair?' so sarcastic right? .. LOL. I know la my chinese isn't that good. At least i try what. haha. They laugh non-stop la.

; idomisshim,reallydo ):

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