Thursday, July 12, 2007

It never occured to me that i'm holding myself back. GAAAAAHH !

anyway, wrote a song few days back. was feeling down. went to a really quiet - "desserted"place, yet filled with glory. tears rolled down my eyes and my hand started to move like rapid fire. scribbling down my every thought and emotion. there, here's your anthem for tonight. title of the song, ' You're a beautiful accident to me' .

You're a beautiful accident to me:

no i won't hide it, no i won't shut my mouth.
no i'm not gonna sit back and watch my life as if it's a movie to be seen and heard.

oh how i wanna scream at the top of my lungs.
i wanna fly to the moon and embrace the quietness, the hurt-free planet.
you've been holding me back so tight that i can hardly breathe.
no i'm not sorry, i ain't gonna repeat the same mistake i did 1 year ago.
history's repeating itself and i'm gonna prevent it from happening.

oh boy, you don't know my every move, my every thought.
i lie in bed every night, thinking of you.
wondering if i could ever be by your side ever again.
i scrim and save to make you happy.
'cause all that matters to me is your happiness.
yeah it does suck to not celebrate that joy with you
but at least i get to see that beaming face of yours when you receive that very special gift

you don't know how dear you mean to me.
yet, i'm willing to sacrifice my time just to be by your side.
be it 4 in the morning, i'll be there in a jiffy.
you made my life so perfect, that joyous perfection once within me.
this girl is filled with sorrow to the brim, (and) it's starting to overflow.
let this be a end, and a new begining for us both.
i'll be standing at the gate awaiting your arrival, even after 2 years.

let me be clear and say it with pride.
i'm not boasting, no i'm not.

hun, just hear me out.
you mean the world to me.
i yearn for your touch, your kiss, your smile once again.
i'd do anything from risking to death, to be by your side.
i'd do whatever it takes to see you smile with me.

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