Thursday, July 19, 2007

just got back from school. it's going 5 already. shoot ! need to meet jas at the gym soon. i think she's gonna kill me. haha. nvm.
had to stay back in school to do a video for tomorrow's asembly for 'racial harmony'. we did a sort of news kind of video. it's not bad la. jac came up with the idea. it's really cool la. but we only did afew takes cause we were rushin for time. me and fazlina were the infromal reporters. which is way much better. cause i can't play the serious role. so NOT me la.
so we like acted crazy ! haha. OMG! i like messed up my lines. haha. and we had to wear the chinese traditional ' cheong-sums'. i wanted to wear the black and red cheong-sum. but faz also wanted to wear tt. so in the end she took it la of course. the other 2 were like tight-fitted at the bottom. still, i wore it. and we named our news station ' sigapura bagus talkshow' . haha. freaking funny la. their're gonna air the vid tmr during assembly. i haven't even watched the vid yet.
alright, before i go, here are the pics of me and faz wearing the 'cheong-sums'. haha

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