Friday, July 27, 2007

GAAAAH ! Nadine has a flu and cold. Why does it have to come in one whole damn package?! It's so hard to breathe la. Anyway, scottie's sick )): . Boos! I don't know why his body got so many scap. And the scap is like really big. One big patch. I apply medicene for him already. But he bleed SO much la. I feel so sorry for him cause there's nothing really much that i can do to relieve the pain his suffering. ): Before i left for school i checked up on him, and i saw smears of blood near his sleeping area. And he was shivering somore. I came home early to takecare of him. Bringing him to the vet tomorrow morning. ): Boos! I hope nothing's wrong with him. I love him SOO bloody much!
This is scottie (: Cute right ?

Daphne and Louis came ovr my house yesterday. Drank Absolute vodka- 40% alchohol. I didn't know it was bitter la. I poured a whole cup for me louis and daphne. I didn't want to waste it so drank the whole thing. louis also drank the whole thing. He didn't allow daphne to drink. I almost puked right after gulping the whole thing down. It taste like crap! After 5 mins i started feeling groggy. Haha. Then tt louis keep saying i'm drunk. We took alot of photos la. With different faces. Lol. Nothing happened to louis la. So not fair.
These are the after effects of me drinking 1 cup of absolute vodka.
Louis, my childhood friends. Daphne, my primary school mate. (:

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