Friday, June 29, 2007

celebrated claris's birthday yesterday. rus and i went to her house before school to surprise her. then after school, rus send her home. then rus and bq went to swensens to buy cake. then we went her house, lighted the candles, and kncoked on her door. when she opened the door her face was red la. haha. and obvoiusly we sang her the happy birthday song. she said she nearly cried. the plan worked. YAY! haha. we were so afraid tt ponie would ruin everything. cause if she starts barking claris would know we're outside. lol. then again, me daphne rus and bq managed to surprise her. rus and i were planning all this the day before her birthday. lol. ((:
OPPSY* haha. wrong information told. the student councillor presentation is next friday. lol. stayed at school yesterday almost the whole day cooking up the script and all together with nurul. anyways, i'm dead beat. reached home past 12am last night. mum forced me to go to school. had photo taking with the student leaders today, for the presentation.
during school mr noor caught hold of me and talked to me. i was holding back my tears, obviously i didn't do a really good job. cause i didn't want to talk abt it. talking about it just brings me down. it just makes me sad. i had no choice. i can;t possibly defy him and js walk out of the room. mr noor's a nice "teacher". good thing is tt at least i got to skip my last lesson before recess. sat in the class for 5mins and bell rang.

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