Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tokyo- Shibuya + Meguro River

Upon arriving in Tokyo,We headed straight to the JR East Travel Service Cnetre which is 1 level below at B1 to collect our JR pass. It's best to head there straight as the queue may be long & if you want to take the earliest train to the city you can't waste any time.  If you are planning to travel out of Tokyo, do purchase the Japan Railway Pass online over here.

It saves you a lot of money on travelling with the JR pass. Travelling in Japan is not cheap! However if you are staying in Tokyo only then i guess you don't really need the pass. If you do purchase the pass, you get a ticket that comes with the pass to whichever station you are going to that has the JR line. Subsequently, if you plan to travel out of Tokyo, you need to reserve tickets at any JR Centre which are located at most main stations. They will give you a ticket & all you gotta do is show your JR Pass. Everything is included in the JR Pass so you need not fork out extra cash! See? U save so much money! 

My JR Pass cost me abt SGD365 for 6days. It is expensive, but the amount of trains we took was so much when you calculate it, we save so much more with the pass than without. So please purchase the JR Pass BEFORE you fly off to Japan! They do not sell JR Passes at the service centres. It has to be purchased online in your hometown & the documents will be sent to you (which you will have to give to the service centre for them to make a pass for you. Pictured below.)




Meguro river was nice. It just so happens that there was an on going pop up stores of food along the road side. Most of the sakura flowers were about to die off. We arrived on 10 April which is actually towards the end of the blossoms period. Thankfully, we managed to catch some of it before it dies down totally. 

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