Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Japan, Tokyo- Tsukiji Fish Market + Ueno Park


Tsukiji Fish Market was the one thing i was looking forward to the most! It starts from 6.15AM-2PM. 615AM is the auctioning period. If i am not wrong, there's a briefing you will have to attend before the auctioning. 615AM is way too early & we couldn't wake up. So we made our way there at 9AM instead. All the other food stalls would have been fully opened then.

A must try is the Tamago. It's sweet & so smooth. Man, talking about it is already making me salivate. Oh & not forgetting, their sushi & sashimi! It's mad fresh!!! Freshest i've ever had. 

 Attached above is a video of me attempting to eat an Oyster. To summarise the video, whilst eating i choked on the Vinegar as it suddenly hit me that it was so sour. I coughed as an reaction to the vinegar going down my wind pipe & so, i covered my mouth. Who knew the entire oyster would come out too and it just so happens to fall right into my palm. Hahaha super funny. But i put it back into my mouth shortly after. It's my own saliva so i don't mind. CANNOT WASTE FOOD OK!

On our second last day in Tokyo we went back to Tsukiji market.

Knife heaven! I ended up buying 2 sharpening stones! 


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