Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bangkok Chinatown

 I absolutely love Bangkok's Chinatown! It's full of life & has that old school feel to it that i used to watch on those Chinese dramas. We walked around Chinatown and i was fascinated by the rustic surroundings. Our main purpose of visiting Chinatown was to find the Thai Milk Tea tea leaves. We finally found a shop selling what we were looking for after like an hour or so searching high and low for it! (Photo below is what the Thai Milk Tea tea leaves can looks like. It's the one in red.)

 We bought the tin can in Red. It cost abt SGD6 for 1 tin. Pretty cheap!

Walked by an alley leading towards a temple with red lanterns hung above. I just had to take a couple of photos along that alley it makes such a great backdrop! Especially with my Chun Li inspired hair and all. Hehe ^^

Whilst trying to find our way to Chinatown, it was a super long walk btw.. We came across several warehouses selling stuff like sunglasses etc. We went in out of curiosity which turned into roars of laughter. We started putting on the weirdest looking glasses & it was just so hilarious. I look so nerdy hahaha.

Anyway moving on.. I only decided to tie my hair like Chun Li because BKK was scorching hot! The weather was seriously no joke. Everyday without fail the moment we step out of our apartment building we could already feel the heat on our skin. Tiny droplets of perspiration will start forming & soon, it becomes a non stop flow -.-

Sunnies: F21 ($7)
Coin necklace: Caousell App ($10)
Jersery top: My own (I was from the school's softball team & the shirt i am wearing is from back then.)

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