Friday, May 6, 2016

Taiwan- Taroko Gorge

On our last few days in Taiwan, we took a train to Xincheng to check out Taroko Gorge. All the places we went to we took a train/bus from Taipei Main Station. Thank goodness Louis chose a convenient AirBnB location! 

The train ride was about 3hours. We fell asleep in the train rides most of the time. Their express trains are relatively comfortable. They even have staff to push a food cart down the rows. Anyhoo, I was starting to feel so much better. My cough was still just as bad but at least i had no more fever so that's good enough. 
I enjoyed Taroko Gorge very much. There is a public bus that will bring you to Taroko Gorge. Initially we were gonna take the bus there but outside Xincheng Station on the left hand side, there are a row of shop houses. One of which is a Motorbike rental shop. Louis went in to check out the prices & rented one. 

The shop owner gave us a map on the directions to Taroko Gorge. It was just a 5mins ride as it is pretty near Xincheng Station. I was scared shitless when Louis was riding(he has never rode a bike before). He slowly got a hang of it along the way. I told him i want to go back home in one piece! Hahaha. To give him credit, his decision in renting a bike was the best decision ever! The view along the way was incredible. Especially when riding in cool weather, it's super shiok! We were free to roam anywhere we wanted with the motorbike. We rode all the way up & went other places that was within Taroko Park. 


Take an express train from Taipei Main Station to Xin Cheng station.
Train duration: 2.5-3hours
Fare: NTD450

Picked out a Dora The Explorer helmet! Hehe it's so cute! ^^

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