Sunday, May 8, 2016

Taipei Airbnb + Louis

Our Taipei Airbnb was wonderful. Although their heater wasn't very strong as we hoped it would be, everything else was fine. Its a very cosy apartment. Plus its so near Taipei Main Station. Staying around that area would be the best. Makes travelling around so much easier.

 On one of the mornings we decided to have breakfast at our rooftop. Louis went down to buy back food & we had dumplings! The weather that morning was cooling.

I've travelled with Louis twice so far. & It has been a great pleasure having him as a companion to travel with. He is so kind & patient it makes me wonder how come he has no girlfriend yet. Hahaha. His future girlfriend would be the luckiest girl in the world! 
He is such a gentleman. There was a night where i was coughing so bad that i got up to use the toilet. The thick phlegm in my throat just wouldn't come out. & It was itchy af. On top of that, i felt like vomitting. I switched on the tap and tried my very best not to cough so loudly as i didn't want to wake him. I was in the toilet for about 15mins coughing it out. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

I opened the toilet door slowly & i got a shock when i looked up as he was standing right outside his room door looking at me. He was probably standing there for quite some time. I felt like such an idiot! I was so embarrassed! 

He looked at me & said "Are you okay? You want to drink hot water i make for you." 

See! So sweet & thoughtful right?! But the entire trip i felt so bad cause i am very sure my coughing kept him awake through the night as he & i are the same- We are light sleepers. I am beyond grateful for having him in my life. He is a true angel, really. Friends like these don't come by easy. & I will make sure i treasure em forever.

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