Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cat Cafe Neko no niwa

Nekononiwa cafe is SG's first cat cafe to be launched in SG. I am not a huge fan of cats as i am more of a dog lover. But i have always wanted to visit those quirky little cat cafes i often see online in countries like Japan, BKK etc. I wondered what it'd be like to dine w these cute fluffy thing roaming ard. So when i first heard of Nekononiwa, i had to check em out!

The first time i went i did not make any reservations.. BIG MISTAKE! Do call beforehand to make reservations lest u'd make a wasted trip as they are often fully booked. They go by every 30mins interval booking. There is a glass door separating the kitchen & play area. If u'd like to be inside the play area w the cats whilst eating, the 1st hour will cost u $12. Subsequent 1/2hr will be $5. 
Cats, to me are lazy animals. They sleep all day & if u are lucky enough, some of em may awaken from their what seems like forever beauty sleep  entertain u, making your $12 super worthwhile! Hahaha. 
The cafe food is pretty cheap. All their food and beverages are served in a hygienic way so don't worry abt having cat's fur falling into your drinks/food. Everything is either covered or wrapped.

Cat Cafe Neko no niwa 
54A Boat quay, level 2
Tel: 65365319

Before entering the play area, the staff will request you wash your hands first. Then they will brief you on what to and not to do whilst in the play area. Afterwhich, you will be handed a handbook which is a guide to the names, breeds & short description of the cats they have. So you know which cat is which.

 Hazel & i got our ice cream sandwich fix at the cat cafe called, Ice Cream Cookie & Co.

 Then it was dinner at SPRMRKT. Love tt place. Food is good.

This is Hazel. She is the Malaysian version of me! She thinks, acts & talks kinda like me. How often do u meet someone who is so much like u?! Super rare! We can totally click cause we get ech other. Hahaha i love this girl. This was also her 21st bday celebration from me (: She is an extremely nice girl w a big heart & lotsa will power + determination in reaching her goals & ntm, staying positive at all times. Something i shld prolly learn from her. Sometimes idk how she manages to stay so positive in times when u feel like all hope is lost.

2 McCallum street

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