Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Three Blind Mice Flea.

I attended the TBM flea last Sunday as a tenant. & It is my 2nd time having a booth with them. Of all the flea organizers i have worked with, i gotta admit that the 3 guys behind TBM have def won me over in terms of their quality service, & how are so detailed in their work to the extend of ensuring that every booth has enough space & not squeezed together is just ahmazing! 

So yes, i wld highly recommend TBM if any of you are interested in selling your preloved or brand new items! (: Anw, i didn't earn much profit for my 2nd flea w them. The crowd wasnt as great as the first. & Yes, i know its cause its also a Sunday so lesser ppl will be present. I wish i cld be there on Sat rather than on a Sunday. But i work in the F&B industry, i cant get weekends off. Except Sunday cause the restaurant is closed. 

 I woke up late & R was waiting outside my house! I was super panicky & rushing like mad! I put my make up on in 5mins! Hahaha i was really in a panic mode!

 Set up my booth upon arriving & thank God i woke up late & ended up not arriving so early cause so many other tenants were much later than i was? In fact, i was kinda on time & still had some time to spare before the doors opened.

 R was the sweetest. He not only woke up early to drive me to the flea location, he even drove to a nearby Macs to get breakfast for me & we ate tgth. I was happy. I love Macs breakfast!

 Then after 2 hours i got sad. Cause i didn't get much sales & i spend so much time trying to decor my booth to make it more welcoming. R was a sweetpea. He bought me my fav Espresso & caramel biscuit ice cream from Salted caramel who happened to have a booth there too!

 Thankful for my friends who dropped by to accompany me (:

My turquoise embroidered dress is from RunwayBandits! I have several RWB items i love their site so much! My fav online site of all! (:

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