Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just you and i.

My lace skirt is from

If you have been following me on my blog & reading my entreis over the years, u'd know how much i love photography. When i joined the F&B industry, the time i used to have going random places & creating my own photoshoot, using my friends as my models etc. kinda faded. Then i met R, he disliked taking photos. He never liked being infront or behind the camera. Which was a big problem for me because i loveee being in both! We had our arguments over the years but i am so happy that he is slowly giving in to my deep interest in taking photos. This set of photos taken were by us. Just R & i, & our trusty camera stand. He was the one who suggested we spend our Sunday tgth taking photos. On top of that, he even suggested we coordinate our outfits! Which is why we are wearing B&W. Man i thought i heard wrongly when those words came spilling out of his mouth! Tt day, i went home extremely contented. I finally got to do what i have always loved doing. & What makes it even better is when your partner joins in with you (:

That's what love is about right? Compromising to each other's interest & stuff :)

I realized i havent uploaded a video i promised months back on my Canon 70D. Tbh, i alr edited the video months back but had no confidence to upload it as i was afraid ppl wld say it's not a good enough  a video as i watched some other You Tubers who did a review on the cammy & obv they did a way better job than i did! I did a super brief one. So, i'm just gonna upload it here for u guys to watch if u are interested in knowing more about the Canon 70D.

Watch to find out how i take most of my photos using my Samsung phone (S4) as a camera remote to start the self timer & i can even change the ISO, shutter speed & aperture on my phone using an app. Watch to find out what app! (:

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