Monday, October 14, 2013

Adventure Cove

I have been wanting to visit Adventure Cove for sometime now ever since it opened. Saw the advertisement on tv couple of times & it looked rly fun! Like a super upgrade from Escape Theme Park! Anyone rmbrs tt?! Hahaha damn old school. 

Anw, my opportunity came when R's friend gave him a pair of free tix to Adventure Cove. As it rained on tt day, initially we canceled our plans but resumed it ard 3pm. We had a dinner date to attend to at 5pm so it was a super rushed swim at the AC. But when we went in, we knew what rides we wanted to sit & we js wanted to hv a quick look ard the place in case we may wanna come back agn. 

Unfortunately, we will most def not be gng back to AC agn. Hahaha i'm sorry but it's rly boring? they only had like 2 rides tt attracted us. The rest was... So-so. For kids, i wld def recommend. Cause the kids there seem so enthusiastic bout all the rides! But teenagers/adults, don't waste ur time man. Aft gng to Bali's Waterbom park, i can't help but to compare. Waterbom park has def set the mark for me! Lol.

Adventure cove
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269

I felt tt the rental of the lockers were super expensive. But at least it's not those kind where u can't open it again if not u gotta pay another time, which is rly shitty. 

 This is the lazy pool. Which in R & my opinion, is super slow? Like the current is horrible. I'm sorry to compare.. But Waterbom Park's was wayyyy better!! The current was strong! I loved it! Srsly, those of u gng Bali, u HAVE TO VISIT WATERBOM PARK!!

 Of all the rides, this was our fav! U ge to snorkel w the beautiful fishes & colourful coral reefs! Do take note tt the water is kinda cold.

 We were instructed to shower first before getting into the snorkeling arena.
 A must to wear life jackets.

 SO PRETTY RIGHT??! The corals were of such a beautiful colour & there were so many fishes!! U get a taste of what snorkeling will be like & it's pretty damn awesome.
 The instructor briefing u on what to & not to do.

 Gng theough the "fish" tunnel located in the lazy pool. The glass was rly cloudy & dirty. Which was gross. Cldn't see the fishes clearly. This was exciting from afar, but the moment we floated in, i looked at the dirt collecting on the glass it js disgust me!
 Stingray bay!! This was not open, sadly. When it is, go visit! U get to feed it & touch it! How awesome is tt?! & They look like their're smiling!! How cute!!!

Tt's about it on my day to the Adventure Cove. Pretty boring but there are 1-2 attractive stuff.


Anonymous said...

Heyy what camera did you use? :)

Nad said...

I'm using Canon S95 with the waterproof casing.

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