Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick insta update!

  •  An OOTD shot i took weeks back. Hardly wear denim jeans or any kind of jeans for tt matter. Mainly bcause i hv short legs & it js makes my legs look way shorter. So i often wear heels w my jeans & this time, i decided to fold it up a few cm to give it a diff look. & I'm lovin it (:

  •  Super amazeballs chewy cookies tt contains butterscotch, choc chips, reese buttercups/twix/marsbar/M&Ms.

  •  Celebrated daddy's birthday w a box of choc cupcakes. Had dinner w him a few days aft tt tho (:

  •  My farewell gift from the Cocotte staff. The pastry chef made for me my fav chewy cookies she always made but this time she made a ginormous one! &The vinyls, MUMFORD & SONS!!! Need i say more?? Hehe ^^

  •  The most humble head chef ive ever worked w & am super grateful for the many opportunities he has given me. It has been a great joy working w him & Cocotte is def the BEST kitchen i've ever worked in. It has such a fun atmosphere where everyday u come to work u confirm laugh ur ass off.. & All these are possible because of the head chef u see in the pic above (:

  •  Celebrated Rai's bday by surprising her at her house & her sis made food for everyone who came. Met her for dinner the following day w the girls (:

  •  My trip to Tioman was the best. It was so relaxing & my fav part of the trip was Rockfalls! It's the best i swear!

  •  The awesome people i travelled w to Tioman (:

  •  Another Tioman trip shot where we climbed up a tree called the "Mother willow". Very beautiful scenery it was breathtaking.

  •  Made Salted caramel ice cream & vanilla bean ice cream. Taste yumzz. The fam loved it.

  • My fav jumpshots from Tioman against a beautiful sunset.
That's about it. Super random insta shots over the weeks. Follow me @nadinetay for more updates (:


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