Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tiomn Day 2

We stayed at Tioman for 3D2N. As i was due for work the next day aft my trip(supposedly), i was sad when it came to the last day of the trip. Tbh, the resort we stayed in wasn't a big island. There was little things to do. So a 3D2N period was js nice. If u were to stay more than tt u're gna be bored.

We trekked a lot, found our own adventures to do, took beautiful pictures, & the best part.. ROCK FALLS! I was exploring the reosrt & found a sign tt led to another place tt read "Rock falls". Got the guys to go with me & we did our own exploring. Exploring is the best thing to do when u're in an unknown place. Cause we found rock falls which was a gorgeous river w huge rocks & we swam in it. Despite the super cold water, it was damn shiok!

Paya beach resort & spa.

We found this beautiful open space by accident when we took a wrong turn. It was mad beautiful. Something about greenery tt makes me smile & feel so at ease.

My caged bikini is from ASOS
. I am so glad i purchased it in te end cause i was about to remove it from my cart! Hahaha i love it to bits. Got so many compliments on it (:

We went exploring ard the resort & found a super steep walkway up & from there we trekked a good 30mins to...

THIS PLACE! It was another beach tt bred turtles from becoming extinct.
 This is the monkey tt nearly stole our bag which had my waterproof cammy inside!! & Then it pooped on the bag!

 Hahahaha idk what rai was doing?? She is the most random person i know. & Tt's why i love her so.

 We had the lake all to ourselves! How awesome is tt?!!

 Upon further exploring, we found a Mother willow tree which a very kind tour guide from the resort brought us up when he saw us playing in the lake & started talking to the guys. It was so amazing the view was js.. Perfect! Climbing up the tree was pretty fun. Its like an open air tree house!

 U hv to squeeze through tt oval shaped hole to get to the top aft climbing up the ladder. Hahaha i was telling my friends fat ppl confirm cnt go through cause the hole's pretty small.

This is how clear & clean the lake water is!! Super cold but shiok.

Tbh, i love water activities. But i cannot stay in the water for long. Esp snorkeling & diving. I get giddy from the boat ride & the choppy waves while u float above the water trying to snorkel. I didn't snorkel much aft awhile i swam to land & watched my friends snorkel. Lol.

Rockfalls, u will be missed terribly. U have been amazing. We will be back someday (:


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