Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Night picnic

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On one of our usual dinner dates, i decided to prepare smthing diff from what we usually do. I ended work earlier tt day so i had time to go NTUC to buy ingredients w the help of my dad (: Though my occupation is a cook in the kitchen, many assume tt i wld hv the time to cook at home for my family & R. But nooo. I DO NOT hv the luxury of cooking at home cause usually by the time i get home, i'm way too tired to cook & wash the utensils i use after tt. & I love to cook for people who actually enjoy eating the food i prepare. But not R. He is always crictical of the food i cook & has 101 comments. I hv been w him for 3 years plus & i have only cooked for him once. He likes to think he is a better cook u see *Rolls eyes*. Lol.

So anw, he dislikes packed food a lot which is why we hardly do picnics. He says hot food shld stay hot & its not easy to pack hot food. Or it wld turn soggy. Stuff like tt. So i decided to make simple picnic food tt need not be cold or hot.

 I spent a total of $20? A bit ex cause i hv no ingredients at home as i hardly cook at home. Here's what i made which u can easily purchase from any NTUC outlet:

  • Cheese sausage wholemeal wrap
  • Avocado & cherry tomatoes salad w vinaigrette dressing (threw in the extra cheese sausages i had)
  • Banana cake (Super easy to make & doesn't take more than an hour to prepare & bake)
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Made my own sauce for the wrap lest it wld hv been too dry. Added a couple of rocket & red oakleafs cause i had more than enough salad for 2.
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This cute lil box can be bought from Phoon Huat or Spotlight.
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Brought my lil furball along as she has been home all day. Man, the girl was sooo happy to be gng out.
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Cling wrapped my wraps so tt the fillings 7 sauce wont fall out.
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Our beautiful scenic view where we sat under a tree while we ate & enjoyed the cool breeze. We went to Lower Seletar as it was quiet there so we had privacy. But of course, there were a couple of strangers jogging at a distance.
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This girl made herself reallyyyyyy comfortable by climbing on top of my tummy, faced her BUTT right at me & slept.
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My view of dd's butt -.-
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Anw, we played the Ellen Degeneres game too. It was quite fun.

All in all, it was a great night. It was time well spent w R & he was happy. He loved the food which made me happy. 

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