Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Louis's commissioning ball.

 photo 22007_675353485827256_39990556_n_zps126210f8.jpg

About a month ago, Louis texted me asking if i could be his date for his Commissioning Ball. When i read the msg, i was shocked! I replied back saying "Did u text the wrong person?". Was shocked why he wld even think of asking me. Well anw, i agreed & secretly was quite happy. Hehe. Always wanted to go to a Commissioning Ball but figured i'd nvr get a chance to, till Louis! (: So yes, i can strike tt off my bucket list. Hahaha.

Anw, it was held at USS, at a super casual place called "Louis pizza". Food was disappointing. Sad to say, so was the location. Felt so sorry for the guys & Louis. They paid so much & yet the organizer of the event chose such a shit place. They were def expecting more. They deserve better! At least the night was quite entertaining & i got to see a glimpse of what its like to be in the navy. Pretty cool & interesting actually.

 photo IMG_9354_zpsc8e87423.jpg
 photo IMG_9377_zps30204e5e.jpg
 photo IMG_9381_zpsb9c52ec8.jpg
 photo IMG_9379_zpsd488b9bb.jpg
Jasmine was there as Melvin's date!! Was so darn happy to know tt she was gng too! Hahaha.
 photo IMG_9374_zpsca355ca7.jpg
 photo IMG_9363_zpsf07cb35b.jpg
 photo IMG_9371_zps64ca4b74.jpg
Tt's Melvin btw. Hahaha. He did a good jon w the video of their 9 months through hardship. It was a funny video.
 photo IMG_9368_zps70c6e0e5.jpg
The guys were so spontaneous & extremely hilarious. Laughed so much!
 photo IMG_9358_zpsde8da26d.jpg
Was so happy there was a photobooth! I love photobooths.
 photo IMG_9390_zps305e4665.jpg
 photo IMG_9400_zpsd76dd9fd.jpg
Took one alone w Jasmine (:

Overall, i wld say the night was entertaining despite the food & venue. At least Louis did enjoy himself. Js like the other guys did too from what i saw. They were a bunch of super loud & hilarious guys. I rly laughed so much.

Gna end off my post w selfies i took while waiting for Louis to pick me up. Hahaha i took 45 mins to do my make up okay!! Its a super rare thing tt i dont normally do. I usually take 5 mins to do my make up. I actually went all out for this. So must take more photos. Hehe ^^

 photo IMG_9341_zpsdb578a6a.jpg
 photo IMG_9339_zpsbea35a74.jpg
 photo IMG_9351_zpsd6985fb4.jpg
 photo IMG_9347_zps0b193b17.jpg
 photo IMG_9343_zpsec7f415b.jpg
 photo IMG_9346_zpsaace1db1.jpg

Dress is from momoteapots! (:


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