Thursday, April 28, 2011

I don't care what you think of me anymore cause i know i am right & i hv foolproof!

  2. It is all over your damn fb & you js proved my point by doing exactly what i suspected u of doing.
  3. So don't go posting things on ur FB abt me when yknow deep dwn whatever i said was true though u tried ur v best to prove ur point. Posting things like:
  • If u always don't trust a person, no matter how that person explain, u won't give a shit.
    If u always think that u have MAJOR communication prob with this person and choose not to work it out, it will nv turn good.
    If u always that this person is doing something behind ur back and actually he didn't, after u gave up, don't blame that person when things really happen.
  • If u always choose not to trust anyone, likewise, ppl won't trust u too. U are the one being secretive, don't expect ppl to behave like u. Ppl always explain after things had happen but that doesn't mean they are lying. Unless u are the one who keep quiet after things happen..
Honestly, u js gave urself away by actually doing the EXACT thing i argued w u abt. But yknow what? If ur main motive was to hurt me deeply.. Then congratulations. U did a v good job in doing so. I hv my reason of why i am so affected by ur actions. Yet i did NOTHING WRONG to deserve all these frm u.

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