Saturday, January 9, 2010


I wish tt there would be this kinda drug tt could take away all your pain, with immediate effect. But tt's obviously impossible. The one thing i can never handle well- Pain & hurt. But tt's js something tt we all gotta face. I'm sure we go through trials & tribulations for a reason.. To come out stronger.

I just.. Want everything to be alright. I wanna be happy ): Always telling myself to stay positive. Repeating the bible phrase in my head over & over again hoping tt in some way or another, God will take my pain away. You tell yourself mentally to stay positive, but it's your heart tt doesn't go with what you say ): Tt's js life right? ):

God please guide me through this. No matter what, i'm not gonna give up. Nothing's impossible through Christ!

I just wanna be __________. Badly do ):

P.S. Pls don't ask me anything. It's js a moment of weakness. Always been.

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